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Ghosts of the Mansion Tours at Powel and Physick with the
Ghost Tour of Philadelphia

Push aside the cobwebs of haunted Philadelphia
and step inside a haunted Society Hill mansion for
ghostly tales of mystery and intrigue!

This special Ghost Tour begins outside, with visits
to the Strangers Burial Ground and other haunted
hotspots, and ends with a tour of either the Powel
House or the Physick House, colonial-era
mansions in Society Hill. Both sites are said to be
haunted, with strange and unexplainable
experiences reported for over 70 years.

This 90 minute walking tour includes the use of
basic EMF meters (electromagnetic field meters)
for the curious ghost hunter.

To Purchase tickets for any of the following dates, please click here

Fri, Oct 24 @ Physick
Thur, Oct 30 @ Physick
Fri, Oct 31 @ Physick
Sat, Nov 1 @ Physick




The Mechanical Theatre at the Powel House

Six mad souls haunt the Powel House this Halloween season. Do you dare come hear their tales? The Mechanical Theater presents “Masque of Poe,” a night a macabre drama from the brilliant, tormented mind of Edgar Allan Poe. Small, intimate groups will be lead down shadowy hallways and behind forbidden doors into a world where genius wears the cloak of madness and all is not as it seems. Directed by Jonathan Elliott Coarsey, this story-telling theater experience invites audiences to peer beneath the masks of convention and civility that we all use to contain our inner darkness. The performance will consist of powerful solo- performances of some of Poe’s greatest masterpieces including “The Black Cat,” “The Tell – Tale Heart,” “The Raven,” and more. Come enter a world where the voice of madness sounds all too much like the voice of reason as it asks, which is worse? The mask or the face beneath it? Performances will take place at the Powel House (244 S 3rd) October 23-25 and October 30- November 1 and 7 pm. Tickets are $25. Space is extremely limited and purchasing in advance is strongly encouraged. This performance will take patrons from room to room in the Powel House and requires that audience members be able to move about and climb stairs.

Show times are as follows:
Thursday, October 23 -- 7:00
Friday, October 24 -- 7:00
Saturday, October 25 -- 7:00
Thursday, October 30 -- 7:00
Friday, October 31 -- 7:00
Saturday, November 1 -- 7:00

To purchase tickets for either show, please click here

We are The Mechanical Theatre, a Philadelphia-based collection of theatre artists who specialize in creating our own work and reimagining the classic works of others.  Our mission includes embracing Philadelphia’s rich and often dark history by developing projects tailor-made for its unique, historical settings.  To that end our work often focuses on the macabre and mysterious, subjects we find to be quite at home in this hauntingly lovely old town. This spring, The Mechanical Theatre successfully produced a series of live radio dramas following the love story of two detectives, set in the 1930s. The series, entitled “The Walker and O’Dare Mystery Radio Hour,” and written by one of our own, was performed at the historic Powel House in Old City Philadelphia. The shows were a great success and based on that we were asked by the Powel House to create a theater piece that would showcase both the house and Philadelphia’s literary history.  Our response: a show capturing the horror and delight of one of America’s greatest authors (and one-time Philadelphia resident) Edgar Allan Poe!



Want to see more?  Join the Mechanical Theater on October 9, for "The Candlelight Murders" an all-new murder mystery based on the ghost stories of Laurel Hill Cemetery.  The sudden death of a wealthy heiress leads to a gathering of her family at the Laurel Hill Cemetery, but an unexpected guest shows up with evidence her death was far from natural.



Photography Comes to Physick House

RA Friedman & Mindy Veissid:

Finding the Extraordinary in the Commonplace 

Physick House

Wednesday, November 5th

6:30 - 8:30pm

Please RSVP to

RA Friedman, Wave Hill                        Mindy Veissid, Wave Hill        

On Wednesday, Nov 5th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, photographers RA Friedman (Philadelphia) and Mindy Veissd (NYC) will be presenting colorful richly textured, and enticing photographs as well as their current Kickstarter project Photographers Squared: The Great American Shoot-Out.  Traveling to five randomly chosen, remote corners of the US, Mindy and RA will work with minimal camera equipment - 1 camera and 1 lens - no flash, no tripod. They will search out and then agree on subjects, capturing images intensely over five day spans to create twenty five contrasting pairs of images that will be available as a deluxe monograph or as individual prints. While traveling, they will be doing Q&A presentations at high schools and community centers located in or near where they are photographing.

United by the belief that wherever you are, you can discover the makings of eye-popping photographs, these photographers are a study in contrasts. Veissid's camera of choice is a Canon DSLR with a 24mm-70mm zoom lens. Friedman uses black and white film in a 40 year-old medium format Hasselblad with a fixed optic. Mindy describes her shooting methodology as "intuitive," while RA calls his "process oriented." Combining forces and showing their work side-by-side as an evolving dialog promises to create a very special body of work that will exceed the sum of its parts.  Concurrently, they aim to bring their unique photographic techniques, methodologies and working philosophy directly to young photographers and creative enthusiasts, inspiring them to follow their own vision. 

RA is the proprietor of Tsirkus Fotografika, a vintage photo booth that often shoots instant film portraits at weddings and late-night social events.  From 2011-2014 he published "The Concrete Muse," a weekly showcase of his photos of the urban landscape created by traversing hundreds of miles of Philadelphia streets. He is a regular contributor to The Laboratory Arts Magazine and his work has been published in The Sun, Supplementaire, and New York Magazine.  

 Mindy has been a full time fine art photographer and educator who since 2009 and has taught the Art of Intuitive Photography in institutions such as the New York Open Center in New York City, and the ViewFinder Center in Zurich, Switzerland. She has also presented at the B&H Photo Event Space, and has been on NBC TV, and written about in BBC Capital. Mindy's personal work has been shown in galleries and displayed in East Hampton, NY, East Sussex United Kingdom, Middlebury, Vermont, Cold Spring, NY, New York City, NY and has been printed in Sun Magazine.

Free photo magnets will be available as well as a unique proof print offer solely for those who attend. The event is a rare opportunity to enjoy many visually fascinating photographs, hear the stories behind their creation and candidly engage one-on-one with working professionals who have successfully carved out niches in the fine art photography realm.   

Project Portal: 


RA Friedman:


Mindy Veissid: 



Learning With Landmarks Lecture Series


“Women in Islam: Their World and Ours”
Buntzie Ellis Churchill

Thursday, November 6
Physick House
321 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


What are the bases of the Islamic faith?  What are some the similarities and differences with Christianity and Judaism? What does Islam say about women and how they are to be treated? What are other differences between Middle Eastern societies and the West?  What is the impact of Islam in Europe and the US today?  What is the portent for the West?  How should the West respond?  These and other issues will be addressed in this topical talk.  Reception to follow.



Buntzie Ellis Churchill served for 23 years as President of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, hosting dozens of world leaders from Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher to Henry Kissinger and George W. Bush. (Mrs. Thatcher sent her a "thank you" note addressed, "To the other iron lady." During her tenure Mrs. Churchill lectured frequently to national and local organizations and annually conducted two or three educational trips visiting more than 75 countries.    


For a decade she hosted World Views, a daily radio show, interviewing experts on international issues.  A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, she has served as a trustee of many non-profit organizations including Drexel University, and she has been awarded several honorary doctorates.

In 2006 she co-authored, with Bernard Lewis, the doyen of Middle East historians, “Islam: the Religion and the People.” Their “Notes on a Century: Recollections of a Middle East Historian” was pub­lished in 2012.
She did graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and was graduated from that institution with honors in political science.  

 $10 donation to Landmarks. Please RSVP to


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