Past Events: Early Fall 2016

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Here's a little teaser video from footage taken during rehearsals

Shadow House

A fully immersive chamber opera


Libretto by Brenna Geffers  

Director - Brenna Geffers                       

Music Director – Josh Hartman    


Where:  The Powel House – 244 S. 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Public Shows:  September 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd @8pm




Peggy Shippen- 1790s – Kristy Slough

Charles Stedman – 1790s – Sean Lally

Minnie Cadwalader Rawle- 1880s – Crystal Charles

Wolf Keblansky- 1920s – Michael A. Lienhard

David, Wolf’s nephew – 1920s – Anthony Crosby

Edith Standen- 1940s – Kirsten C. Kunkle

Robert Weston- 1960s – Brendan Norton

Eedie Fen- 1960s – Richard Chan

Frances Wister- 1920s – Maryruth Stine

Elizabeth- 2010s. – Kayla Grasser

Shadow House is an immersive performance event that uses music and text to create a mysterious, sometimes dark sometimes funny, world for audiences to explore. The story follows ten people whose lives span over 200 years of history the historic Powel House. As the characters find themselves caught in loops during pivotal moments of their lives, the past and future begin to merge. Their individual identities become threads in a larger pattern challenging the way they understand their own personal sense of destiny. Created by Brenna Geffers, Shadow House is a historical fantasia that asks us to suspend how we view time.

Audiences must explore the many rooms of the Powel House in order to put the story together. They may follow a woman to the third floor as she tries to escape her guilt over the loss of millions of lives. They may toast gin at a Garden Party where a socialite is trying to bring European culture back to a post- Civil War country. They may interrupt two lovers meeting in the resplendent ballroom for the last time. They can hide with a poor soldier as he breaks into the dining room to enjoy one night of luxury in his life. The stories unfold simultaneously over the grounds and three floors of the restored mansion.

In addition to the scenes and private monologues delivered intimate spaces, Shadow House also uses music to unfold its many stories. The new compositions, like the characters, span many styles and periods. Philadelphia Opera Collective composer Josh Hartman tweaks Wagner and Bittner for a non-traditional soprano aria. Philadelphia Renaissance man Christopher Colucci’s seemingly playful 1964 rock style hides a darker thread running through the period. Sarah Van Sciver’s contemporary compositions create soaring duets that cross periods and genres. Sean Lally lends his haunting compositions as well as his unique performance skills. From Russian Folk songs to deconstructed choral work, Shadow House’s new music will keep you moving through time and space.

An ensemble of ten performers make up the roaming cast of Shadow House. Philadelphia Opera Collective veterans Michael A Lienhard, Crystal Charles, and Kristy Joe Slough bring their classically trained voices to the ensemble, as well as award winning Kirsten Kunkle, whose compositions and recordings are part of the National Museum of the American Indian’s archives. Sean Lally, a theater maker with Found Theater and Bearded Ladies most recently seen at the festival’s Andy; A Pop Opera, performs as well as plays his own compositions on the guitar. Richard Chen, a frequent creator with the Greenfield Collective, plays opposite of Brendan Norton, an actor who has performed with People’s Light and Theater as well as other local theaters. Arts activist and actor, Maryruth Stine brings a sharp improvisational set to the ensemble. Anthony Crosby, last seen in Philadelphia’s It Girl, as well as Kayla Grasser were both part of the Powel House’s last immersive performance of La Ronde.

3 Ways to Join us for Shadow House!!

1. Be the FIRST...join us for PRE-opening night!  

      $40/ ticket (only 40 tickets available!)


     Tamworth Cocktails in the Powel Garden at 7:30, followed by 

     Shadow House at 8:00 PM

2. Meet & Greet VIP Party  

       $50/ticket (only 40 tickets available!)


     Tamworth Distillery Cocktails, Chairman's Choice Wine, and light

      hors d'oeuvres in the garden at 7:30 PM

     Shadow House at 8:00 PM

     Meet the fabulous actors, singers, and theatre artists after the show!

3. 10 Public Performances 

Tickets for all public performances are available through the FringeArts website. All performances start at 8:00 PM (at the Powel House)


Wait...don't go yet! (really this is #4) 

Do you believe historic houses should be partnering with the arts to share our hidden histories? We are still fundraising for this event... if you can't make it to one of our private events or shows, you can still make a difference by donating to this project. Any level of contribution will be meaningful! (click on the button below and look for the "I want to donate" section.)

All donations given through this link benefit the artists of Shadow House

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