Previous Events- Fall 2016

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Friday, September 30th- British Occupation of Grumblethorpe!

The Grumblethorpe Gardens will be open to the public Friday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM as the 43rd Regiment of Foot prepares for the Battle of Germantown

Saturday Morning, October 1- The Occupation continues...

8:30 AM muster at Grumblethorpe, 9:00 AM march to Cliveden

Our resident occupiers will be joined by even more reenactors as they muster in front of Grumblethorpe for the march up Germantown Avenue to Cliveden to partake in The Battle!

Expect to see: officers, infantry, musicians, and camp followers...with the Highlanders in the lead

Be prepared...those pesky Red Coats don't plan on leaving anytime soon! 

Meet author Zara Anishanslin

at The Powel House

October 5th

6:30 to 8:30 PM

Through the story of a portrait of a woman in a silk dress, historian Zara Anishanslin embarks on a fascinating journey, exploring and refining debates about the cultural history of the eighteenth-century British Atlantic world. While most scholarship on commodities focuses either on labor and production or on consumption and use, Anishanslin unifies both, examining the worlds of four identifiable people who produced, wore, and represented this object: a London weaver, one of early modern Britain’s few women silk designers, a Philadelphia merchant’s wife, and a New England painter.
Blending macro and micro history with nuanced gender analysis, Anishanslin shows how making, buying, and using goods in the British Atlantic created an object-based community that tied its inhabitants together, while also allowing for different views of the Empire. Investigating a range of subjects including self-fashioning, identity, natural history, politics, and trade, Anishanslin makes major contributions both to the study of material culture and to our ongoing conversation about how to write history.


Zara Anishanslin is assistant professor of history and art history at the University of Delaware. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Portrait of a Woman in Silk

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Second Saturdays at Grumblethorpe

On the second Saturday of each month  the house and gardens of Grumblethorpe are open for public tours.


And thru mid-September:

PhilaLandmarks members recieve 10% off their purchases at the GYV Farmstand. Come out and support our Grumblethorpe Youth Volunteers! 

For more information about our weekly GYV farm stand go here.

Pestilence Prevails...Fever in Philadelphia 

In 1793 Philadelphia was devastated by a Yellow Fever epidemic, killing upwards of 10% of the local population. Today the same mosquito that brought us Yellow Fever (Aedes aegypti) carries the Zika virus.

From August 12 through October 30, 2016, all Physick House tours will include a visit to an 18th century “sick-room” featuring items local doctors used to treat their patients. Learn just how far our knowledge of treating mosquito-borne illness has evolved.

Where: The Physick House, 321 S. Fourth St.

Tours are on the hour from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (last tour), Wednesday-Saturday and noon to 3:00PM (last tour) on Sunday.


Cost: $8 general admission, $6 students/seniors, $20 family rate