Grumblethorpe Youth Volunteers

The Grumblethorpe Youth Volunteers (GYVs) are a site-based, service youth group (ages 12-18) from schools throughout Philadelphia. Started in the summer of 2002, many of our GYVs found a home at Grumblethorpe while attending our Elementary Education Program (GEEP). During the school year, GYVs meet monthly. They utilize a group charter and a self-elected board. They help with events at Grumblethorpe and Historic Germantown, as well as raise funds by selling homemade pies, cookies, jams, and ice cream throughout the year. During the summer months some of the GYVs work with a resident farmer to grow produce and run a weekly farmstand as paid staff. Fieldtrips allow the GYVs to explore and learn history both locally and regionally.

The GYV’s remain our most dedicated
volunteers throughout the year!


A BIG thank you to our 2018 GYV sponsor The Philadelphia Foundation and also to the Philadelphia Cultural Fund for sponsoring our summer farmstand.  

We Let our GYVs speak for themselves:

Who Are We?


Family, crazy kids who like to farm, observers, doers, creators, talented, lovable, interesting, outgoing, open minded, the best, awesome, spectacular, excellent, radiant, bold, stupendous, thinkers, makers, innovators, best ice cream makers in the city, explorers, seekers, eye popping, capable, wise, impossible to stop, humans, edgy, time-takers, weird, hungry.


What do We do?


Clean, help, inspire, mentor, plant, train, sell, communicate, practice, participate, achieve, score, persuade, entertain, accomplish, encourage, volunteer, invite, attract, eat, meet, overcome, brainstorm, work, create, notice, confuse, make, play, laugh, argue, cook, bake, save, use, learn, get emotional, fight, react, think (thoughtful, honest, intelligent, necessary, kind), reason, mess up, capture, face fears, debate, listen, understand, “zone out,” fix things, make money, stand tall, sit down low, succeed, become.

Come Join Us! 

To learn more about becoming a GYV or sponsoring a GYV project or event please contact:

Grumblethorpe Operations Manager: