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PhilaLandmarks Early Music Series brings the Powel House and the Hill-Physick House to life through vibrant and educational period-instrument chamber music performance.


$25 suggested donation

includes the concert, educational lecture and post reception!

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Philadelphia is the home of numerous world-class early music ensembles. Performances in the lovingly restored PhilaLandmarks houses provide the perfect opportunity to hear and get to know these creative musicians.


Our concerts give the audience a unique chance to experience an intimate and authentic 18th century salon 

performance with interspersed educational commentary and a complimentary wine and cheese reception with the musicians. 

One of Philadelphia's newest early music ensembles, The Musick Art dazzles their listeners with the colorful and poignant repertoire of the 17th century. 

Tatiana Daubek Photography

The Franklin Quartet 

performs music from the dawn of the string quartet on period instruments. Named after Age of Enlightenment polymath Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Quartet brings a spirit of invention and exploration to its presentation of early string quartet repertoire.

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Formed in 2013, Kleine Kammermusik is dedicated to bringing to life the wealth of intimate chamber music from the courts of Europe. Each member brings superb artistry and a high level of virtuosity to music full of dazzling surprises. 

Night Music charms its audiences with music of the Revolutionary and Romantic eras, performing music of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and beyond on string and wind instruments of the time.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Special thanks to our sponsors:

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2020 Season - More information forthcoming

Franklin Quartet - Feb 20, 2019

Night Music - Mar 26, 2019

Filament - Apr 16, 2019

Kleine Kammermusik -May 21, 2019


Feb 07, 2019

The Player's Fancy by the Musick Art

Come along on a journey across the pond, back east to England and back in time to the 17th-century. It was a time of brilliant musical fantasy, a time when violins, viols, and their plucked keyboard companions merged and mingled and gave life to music of incredible, even outrageous, beauty and expressive power. Join The Musick Art for an evening of these poignant, colorful, sometimes bittersweet tunes sure to engage the mind, tease the ear, and spark the imagination in the historic Hill-Physick House!

Mar 14, 2019

New Beginnings by the Franklin Quartet

First works and first quartets - a creative fanfare, a brave new voice, and a first foray into music for four. In "New Beginnings" the Franklin Quartet takes you behind the scenes as five celebrated composers take their first plunges into the quartet genre. The works by Mozart, Wikmansson, Haydn, Boccherini and Arriaga illustrate a complexity, virtuosity and fresh exuberance that makes for highly pleasurable listening in the historic Powel House.

Apr 11, 2019

Dialogue of the Graces by Kleine Kammermusik

Dialogue of the Graces 

Let the mistresses of elegance and grace guide you on a musical journey in the Hill-Physick House from the charm of innocence to the beauty of elegant glory and festive cheer.

An evening of French Baroque by Kleine Kammermusik: Geoffrey Burgess and Meg Owens, oboes and recorders; Rebecca Humphrey, viola da gamba and cello; Stephanie Corwin, bassoon, and Leon Schelhase, harpsichord.

Kleine Kammermusik, “a jewel among US early music riches” (L. Brooks, ThINKing Dance)

May 09, 2019

Metamorphoses: Musical Transformations by Night Music

Metamorphoses: Musical Transformations at the Powel House

One of the most common stories told in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century music is that of transformation – of themes developing during the course of a movement, of melodies transformed through a series of variations, of borrowings from composers repaid with musical interest, or of material taking on new meanings through recontextualization. In this program, we explore each version of this story through works spanning the late Baroque and Classical eras, from Corelli and Couperin through Haydn and Hummel.

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