87th Annual Meeting + Chairman's Dinner

Library Co. of Philadelphia/Philadelphia Club, 

May 9, 2018

Photos by Mickey Herr

Hill-Physick Plant Sale

Hill-Physick House, May 3-6, 2018

Photos by Kayla Anthony

Powel Holiday Party

Powel House, December 3, 2017

Photos by Susan Scovill

Hill-Physick Wine and Beer Party 2017

Hill-Physick House, October 25, 2017

Photos by Martha Levine

Grumblethorpe Battle Bash

Grumblethorpe House & Gardens, October 7, 2017

Photos by PhilaLandmarks Staff and Molly Picture Studios


Grumblethorpe House & Gardens, October 1, 2016

Photos by PhilaLandmarks Staff

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Grumblefest Morning Muster

October 1, 2016

Photos by Mickey Herr & Meredith Barnes

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Shadow House Kickoff Party

Powel House, Sunday Aug 14, 2016

Photos by Willem Ytsma

Physick House Fundraise the Roof Party

Physick House, Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photos by Martha Levine & PhilaLandmarks Staff

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Grumblefest 2015

Grumblethorpe House and Gardens

Photos by Allison Osterhouse and Mickey Herr

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Powel House Garden Party 2015

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Powel House

Photos by Sam Quinn

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Grumblefest 2014

Grumblethorpe House and Gardens

Photos by Mickey Herr

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Grumblethorpe Battle Bash

Grumblethorpe Battle Bash